Alicante province offers a wealth of charming destinations beyond the city itself. Here are some noteworthy places to explore:


Known for its picturesque old town and stunning Mediterranean views, Altea is a coastal gem. The iconic blue-domed church, Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, adds to the town’s unique charm. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through narrow cobblestone streets filled with art galleries and boutiques.


Famous for the imposing Penyal d’Ifac, a massive limestone rock rising from the sea, Calp offers beautiful beaches and a bustling promenade. Visit the old town, explore the historic streets, and savor fresh seafood in the waterfront restaurants.


Nestled in the mountains, Guadalest is a postcard-worthy village featuring a castle perched on a rocky peak. The panoramic views of the turquoise reservoir and surrounding landscapes are breathtaking. The town’s compact size makes it perfect for a day trip.


A coastal town with stunning beaches, Jávea also boasts a historic old town and a charming port. Explore the Arenal Beach for its lively atmosphere, the Montgó Natural Park for nature walks, and the Cape of San Antonio for panoramic views.


Known for its colorful houses along the waterfront, Villajoyosa is a delightful coastal town. The charming old town, sandy beaches, and the Valor Chocolate Museum make it a sweet destination to explore.


With its medieval castle, Montgó Natural Park, and a vibrant marina, Denia offers a mix of history, nature, and seaside charm. The town is also a gateway to the Balearic Islands.