Explore the Old Town:

Wander through the charming streets of the Old Town, Barrio de Santa Cruz, where you’ll discover quaint squares, historic architecture, and vibrant local life.
Visit Santa Bárbara Castle:

Don’t miss the chance to climb to Santa Bárbara Castle for panoramic views of Alicante. It’s a historical gem with a rich past.

Indulge in Local Cuisine:

Dive into Alicante’s culinary scene by trying traditional dishes like paella and fresh seafood. Explore local markets for an authentic foodie experience.
Enjoy the Beaches:

Relax on Alicante’s beautiful beaches, such as Playa del Postiguet. The Mediterranean sun, sand, and sea are integral to the city’s lifestyle.

Experience Festivals:

Check the calendar for local festivals like Hogueras de San Juan or Moros y Cristianos. These events showcase Alicante’s vibrant cultural celebrations.
Stroll the Explanada de España:

Take a leisurely walk along the Explanada de España, a palm-lined promenade along the waterfront. Enjoy the sea breeze, shops, and street performers.

Explore Museums and Art Galleries:

Immerse yourself in Alicante’s cultural offerings by visiting museums like MARQ or exploring contemporary art in local galleries.

Try Horchata and Turrones:

Sample regional treats like horchata (a traditional drink) and turrones (nougat). These local delights add a sweet touch to your visit.

Learn Basic Spanish Phrases:

While many locals speak English, learning a few basic Spanish phrases can enhance your experience and interactions.

Take a Tram to Villajoyosa:

Extend your exploration by taking a tram to the nearby town of Villajoyosa. Known for its colorful houses and chocolate, it makes for a delightful day trip.

Respect Siesta Hours:

Keep in mind the siesta tradition, where businesses may close for a few hours in the afternoon. Plan your activities around these hours.

Stay Hydrated and Use Sunscreen:

Alicante can be sunny and warm, especially in the summer. Stay hydrated and use sunscreen to enjoy the outdoors comfortably.

Remember to embrace the relaxed Mediterranean vibe, and you’ll undoubtedly have a memorable and enjoyable time in Alicante!